hold my hand.




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"I just want my brother to envy my money, but he’s got that hair. Why can’t I have hair and money and him nothing?"

- George, Sr. (via mcculkin)

two weeks.

in two weeks I’ll be headed east. i can’t believe how quickly the universe propels us forward. 

i couldn’t sleep last night. as excited as i am, i’m also very anxious. and i’m a bit sad. i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to re-create the special brand of magic and chemistry i have with my high school friends. but as fun and wonderful as it often is, it can be stifling to my personal growth. 

but sitting on the couch with cory yesterday, watching football, drinking bud lite platinums, being gross and discussing our various personal failures, i was overcome with a feeling of dread. 

however i cannot let these fleeting misgivings keep me from reaching my ultimate goal. i cannot let a few drunken evenings spoil my destiny.